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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

H&K 1 - Hijacker 0

As News24 reports on a Johannesburg story:

"It was him or me", said Alexi Kyriacou on the East Rand on Tuesday (29 July) after he almost shot off a hijacker's arm.
At about 15h00, four suspected hijackers tried to hijack a truck that was delivering mageu (an energy booster) to the Kyriacou family business, the Cosmos Café.
Alexi, a manager at the café in Third Street in Vorsterskroon, and his father Chris, 61, took on the hijackers.
The station commander in Nigel, Superintendent Yogita Kasaven said that Alexi nearly shot off a hijacker's right arm with a 40-calibre Heckler & Kock [sic] pistol.
A police officer said the man's arm was hanging by a small piece of flesh.
"The man was taken to the Heidelberg Hospital for treatment and is under arrest."

Comment: South Africa, what an awesome country – never a dull moment.
I also note with some humour how we in gun-loving/gun-fearing SA have reached the point where one of Germany's finest brand names H&K aka
Heckler & Koch has been bastardised into Heckler & Kock.
Adds a spin to the well-known Southern Baptist reply to an ugly comment: "Suck my Glock" which can so easily be updated to: "Suck my Heckler & Kock"

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The good news about SA?

According to a blog on SA's The Times website, the tide is turning ...

the small picture
1. The petrol price seems to have arrived at some sort of ceiling and may even start falling

2. The Boks beat the All Blacks at the House of Pain (Dunedin, NZ) for the first time ever

1. Even eight months after Polokwane's NC conference, the sky has not fallen on our heads .President Thabo Mbeki and Finance Minister, Trevor Manuel, appear confident South Africa will hold its economic policy line. The voices of the left are sounding increasingly shrill. Silly rantings about the zero-rating of foods that are already zero-rated and calls for killing in the name of Jacob Zuma are not causing alarm so much as tut-tuts.

2. Zimbabwe is now involved in serious talks aimed at settling that country's political crisis. It has only been a few days, so chickens ought not to be counted. But as soon as there is any advance on this front, the dividend for South Africa and this region will be phenomenal.

Comment: So the score is 2-2. Will we go into Extra Time and if it comes down to a penalty shoot-out, will anybody be able to clearly see the goalposts?

Monday, July 28, 2008

Joe Public Jnr strikes back!

In an online story, IOL reports that a boy has beaten up an armed robber ...

An eight-year-old Centurion boy saved the life of his mother and family after overpowering an armed house robber and beating him up. For the Mothusi family, Ramaeba is their hero.
Virginia Mothusi had been woken up earlier by two men who had walked into the house through the front door which had been left unlocked.
Her screams and the noise of the two wrestling for control of a gun saw Ramaeba racing to his mother's rescue.
Leaping at the gunman Ramaeba gave him several kicks to the stomach before jumping on top of him, hitting and punching him in the face and neck.
Ramaeba's mother, "He was screaming and shouting for the man to leave me alone. He jumped at the man and kicked and punched him, taking him completely by surprise. He was like a wild animal.
The startled gunman and his accomplice fled with the few electrical appliances that they had taken outside the house before they were spotted.
Ramaeba and his 11-year-old sister, Bakang, helped direct police in the direction the gunmen had fled.

Comment: Hey awesome dude! Someone I'd like to see become a leader in years to come

Josephine Public strikes back!

News24 reports how a local Port Elizabeth ballerina Pasqual Burger, 17, set all thoughts of graceful movement aside to help a friend. She helped to prevent hijackers from getting away with the car of a fellow dancer, Beathe Barnard, on Friday [25 July]. Two armed men attacked Barnard when she got to her car in the parking lot behind the ballet studio in Mount Pleasant after ballet practice.

Burger says, "I yanked the man from behind the steering wheel.
When he was out of the car, he threw me to the ground.
I jumped up and grabbed him again - I just didn't want him to get into that car again ... I didn't really take a decision to help Beathe ... it just came automatically."

Comment: You go girl! Womandla and all that ...

Friday, July 25, 2008

Separated at birth? Ebagum & Gollum

In so many ways, this image of Ebagum tells everything of the way in which one man, once revered as 1980s-era Zimbabwe's greatest hope for change. Now, if only a Fellowship of the Ring could band together to unseat this dark lord from power. How long will this piece of colonial collateral damage remain in power, gloating like Gollum over his preciousssssssss ...

Zuma speaks up for poor whities

In an IOL article by Kanina Foss Zuma speaks up for poor whities

The Solidarity trade union says ANC President Jacob Zuma has broken the silence around some of South Africa's forgotten people: poor whites.
On Thursday, Zuma made a return visit to the indigent white community at the Bethlehem settlement in Pretoria North.
Addressing more than 1 000 people from about 40 different white settlements in the Pretoria area, Zuma faced a more subdued South African audience than he's accustomed to. There was silence as he climbed the podium, and a lone ululation as he approached the lectern.
Zuma said: "By working together we will do away with the perception that there are problems that are specifically white and problems that are specifically black."
Zuma first visited the settlement in April, when he took Solidarity up on its offer to show him white people who were struggling. He was shocked by the extent of the problem. Many residents live in wooden Wendy houses without electricity.
"I didn't realise there was a sector that could be referred to as poor whites in this country," he said. "I was shocked and I was surprised when I came here, because here was reality staring at me."
Zuma said he'd been struck by the similarity of the issues in the Bethlehem settlement and the issues in black townships.

Comment: No shite Sherlock! There are indeed humans of all skin colours struggling to deal with the severe bread and butter challenges of liFe (with a capital F) in the almost-as-good-as-new Sarth Effrika.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

SA: Ex-Prison Official Hijacked, strangled and left on a dirt road

According to a News24 article headed 'We don't forgive the killers'
22 Jul 2008

Cape Town - The family of a Department of Correctional Services former brigadier, Willie Rousseau, 76, of Jacobs Bay, have described his murder as senseless, barbaric and humiliating.
About 16:20 on Friday, Rousseau drove to buy cigarettes at a nearby café, as he did every day. His wife, Joey, became worried when he was not back at his usual time.
By 04:00 on Saturday, the satellite tracking device in his vehicle showed that the car was in the Malmesbury area.
Rousseau's bakkie was hijacked and he was strangled to death.
[An arrested] suspect then took police to the place where Rousseau's body lay in a pool of water on a gravel road near Hopefield.
The two suspects they arrested, Cedric Lottering and Ricardo Petersen, both of Saldanha Bay, appeared in the Circuit Court in Velddrif on Monday on charges of theft and murder.

Comment: I'm wildly guessing this the reason so many people are making plans to leave this crazy, beautiful, gentle and wild country – one of the best and worst life experiences Africa has to offer

Friday, July 18, 2008

Holy Smoke! More bang for your buck?

AUSTRALIA – According to ANATARA News, a brothel offering a special discount during Pope Benedict XVI's visit to Sydney says business had more than doubled since the pontiff arrived.
The owner of the upmarket bordello Xclusive said that she had hired extra women to meet increased demand during the July 15-20 World Youth Day events, which have seen hundreds of thousands of pilgrims descend on Sydney.
While the brothel was not targeting pilgrims, a 10 percent discount for people associated with World Youth Day, including the 3,000 to 5,000 media covering the papal visit, had significantly boosted business, she said.
"We put on another five staff and they've all been busy," she says.
The owner said the pope's mid-winter Australian visit, for celebrations designed to rejuvenate the Catholic Church among young people, came at a time when business was traditionally slow.

A curious world we inhabit indeed